The eternal now





L'âme du voyageur (The soul of the traveller) - title from Naïssam Jalal music





L'ivresse du poète (The euphoria of the poet)





The sun in the stream





La traversée (The crossing)





Sail away, sail away, sail away, we can sail, we can sail - Enya





The lightness of the soul in the springtime wind





Still unsure





Out of this world





Between Two Rains





Breathe Me





The Journey





The Flow





On A Journey





To The Island





The Island





This Oceanic Feeling





Washing Machine





Aallot - Les Vagues - The Waves





Mor Glaz

In memory of my father

Porspoder, Brittany, january 2017
















Tout baigne





Wild is the wind, but so is the water





The Half Finished Heaven (title from Tomas Tranströmer poem)






Air And Water





Aquatic Curves





The Ahti's Hair





On A Flying Carpet










Signs Of Life





Fading In The Light





Calme plat





Mor Glaz (Brittany)





The Land that was not (title from Edith Södergran's poem)





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