Bad Frequentations


Collaborations with Frédéric Gueguen
and the Moja Moja

Moja Moja©, or the origins of Little Monsters ...
Moja Moja is a Japanese onomatopoeia: a ball of hair that makes you want to fiddle with your fingers ...


The Bad Killing Joke - 2015







The Bad Frozen Lake - 2012







The Bad Miraculous Fishing - 2013







The Bad 1 2 3 Soleil - 2009







The Bad Flying Ponton - 2010







The Bad Fog - 2012







The Bad Race - 2009







The Bad Mushroom - 2009







The Bad Sasquatch - 2011







The Bad Stowaway - 2011







The Bad Promise Land - 2009







The Bad Plucked Albatross - 2011




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